Should I be tipping my Electrologist?

Spoiler Alert: The answer is No!

Tipping is awkward, isn’t it? Most of us wouldn’t dream of dining out and not leaving at least 15-20% on our bill. We know servers and restaurant staff survive off their tips. But what about your dentist? I’m guessing none of us have tipped our dentist or hygienist. Then there’s our esthetician, massage therapist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, lawn maintenance, tattoo artist, etc., etc. These people are providing a service right? So we tip. Or do we? We’re already paying a pretty penny to get the kinks out of our worn muscles, our skin zapped smooth, and our lawns from looking like The Burbs. So who decides who we tip and then how much? Who makes up these confusing, awkward rules? None of us need this added pressure to our already hectic, struggling to be Pinterest worthy, lives.

Here’s my take. I align my service, specifically Electrolysis, with the Allied Health field. I’d say 99% of my clients need electrolysis. “Need” you think? That’s a bit much, isn’t it? Well, no.

Here’s why: When I meet a client for the first time, I get a feel for their story. Sometimes it’s emotional. My clients range from young women afraid to be social, to not letting their loved one touch their face, to transgendered women who just want to look on the outside the way they feel on the inside, to men who have struggled with ear hair as they get older and the infamous unibrow, to elderly women who’s worst fear is to be hospitalized and have no one to pluck their chin hairs. I also have clients who just want their eyebrows looking like two instead of one and just don’t want to deal with the maintenance. Men who don’t want to shave their necks every day. Ingrowns….razor bumps…too much hair….I see it ALL. And let me tell you, nearly every single client I meet feels they need electrolysis for whatever reason they have. And I agree.

I digress; the above has nothing to do with tipping, which is what you came here to find out. Should I be tipping my Electrologist? In short, no. This is ME speaking from my personal opinion and not all Electrologists feel the same (but they should). You don’t tip your dentist. You don’t tip your couples therapist, the medical tech who drew your blood, you don’t tip your podiatrist, your athletic trainer. Right?

I want to take away the awkward. I want to take away the guesswork. I love when clients ask…”do I tip?”, I happily say, no please, I do not expect tips. I do, however (of course there’s a ‘however’), accept tips…

This is why: 100% of the tips I receive, cash, check or credit, will go to charity. 100% is not a typo. At the end of each month, I can look at my magic software that magically handles my math, and see exactly how much I receive in tips. I then electronically, or via check, send that exact amount, if not more, to the charity of my choosing.

Oh you must make so much you don’t need the money, right? Ha to the Ha. I have a large family to feed. I need every penny. But, I price my service accordingly and I hope you feel you are getting the value out of the money you spend on me. If not, let’s talk. This is my small attempt at paying it forward.

What I am going to do differently from here on out, is tell you which charity and/or organization each month goes to. I’m also open to suggestions so if you have a cause you are passionate about, I’d love to hear it.

September’s tips went to hurricane relief via All Hands ( For the month of October, I am donating to Basket Brigade. It’s a great organization who helps feed families in need. As of this writing, I have over $300 in tips and according to their stats, this will feed at least 10 families of six. TEN families! And counting.

So, to (finally) get to the point, please do not feel pressure or awkward about tipping me. And if you do tip because you feel you received service that should be tipped, please know your money is going to a great cause. I will post each monthly charity at the beginning and end of each month on Pure Electrolysis’ Facebook page.

As always, thank you so much for putting your trust in me. Thank you for recommending me, for allowing me to help you love your outside self just a little bit more.

Thank you!

Shannon Del Monte, CPE


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