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What Is Electrolysis?

A safe, permanent, method of hair removal, Electrolysis can be applied to most facial and body areas and is effective on all skin and hair types. Temporary methods of hair removal will often stimulate more unwanted hair growth. Laser hair removal is hair reduction and is NOT PERMANENT. Electrolysis is the only FDA and medically proven method of permanent hair removal.

Electrolysis is a simple procedure that is performed by inserting a thin filament device into the hair follicle. A tap on a foot pedal sends a short burst of heat into the follicle cauterizing the growing part of the hair, known as the hair bulb or papilla. The destruction of the papilla seals off the follicle and thwarts any new growth of hair. For a number of different reasons, certain hairs may require more than one treatment. It is not uncommon for treatments to last over a period of time in order to permanently remove unwanted hair.

Where Electrolysis Is Effective:

Permanent hair removal is applicable for men, women, teens, and transgender, on the following body areas including upper lip, chin, side burns, eyebrows, ears, bikini line, stomach, under arms, breasts, legs, arms, fingers, toes, neckline, shoulders, back. If there are other areas you are interested in, please contact Shannon for more information.

A further explanation of obstacles an electrologist faces in attempting to eliminate hairs are as follows:

Re Growth:
A certain percentage of hairs treated with electrolysis will grow back. These hairs are much lighter in color and texture. There are a number of reasons regrowth occurs, usually a distorted follicle or follicle in a dormant or inactive cycle. Hairs that are dark, coarse or curly are more difficult to eliminate and a number of treatments might be needed to effectively destroy the papilla.

Hairs Grow in Cycles:
Any hair on the body that remains above the surface of the skin as healthy hair, eventually sheds and begins to reproduce again with the action of the papilla. Therefore, any hair that is removed by electrolysis, if it does grow back, will not do so until it completes the whole hair cycle. That may take anywhere from 4-12 weeks, depending on factors such as hormones, heredity, and your own personal growth cycle. Hairs that show above the skin before the third week are NEW HAIRS. This is the reason it is so important to schedule regular consistent appointments, to treat new hairs as they surface.

Distorted Hair Follicles:
Some hairs may be twisted or curved underneath the surface of the skin. These hairs are particularly difficult to remove because the heat can’t come into direct contact with the papilla, therefore they usually require multiple treatments, but can still be successfully treated over time. We may also choose to use the Blend modality, while this is generally a slower method, it is very effective in treating curved and distorted follicles the first time.

Your Electrologist:

When deciding on an electrologist, please choose carefully. Shannon Del Monte, CPE, is a Certified Professional Electrologist trained and certified at the American Institute of Education, CA.

South Carolina currently does not hold any electrologist certification requirements so please ask where your electrologist received their training and what types of continuing education they receive.

For more information, please visit the consumer section of the American Electrology Association at www.electrology.com.